Strategic Planning Opportunities for Workforce Development

An NCAI planning and implementation opportunity for two tribal nations/Native organizations located in the following states: Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington 

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is pleased to announce a new initiative that will provide two tribal nations and/or Native organizations across eight states (IA, ID, MN, MT, ND, OR, SD, and WA) the opportunity to design and implement strategic plans for their workforce development approaches.

Priority will be given to tribal nations and Native organizations who (1) have a history of prioritizing the development of their human capacity in order to achieve their long-term, strategic priorities, and (2) are already working to integrate their workforce development, education, and economic development efforts. The NCAI-facilitated strategic planning process – using NCAI’s new workforce development toolkit – will enable the selected applicants to empower these efforts and advance these priorities.

The Initiative: NCAI’s Commitment

NCAI will provide the two selected applicants with the following services free of charge:

A PRE-ASSESSMENT of the nation/organization's current approach to workforce development, in consultation with its leaders and key workforce development staff (Februrary-March 2019)

 An on-site, two-day strategic plan DEVELOPMENT session facilitated by NCAI staff/consultants. The session will use NCAI’s strategic decision-framing toolkit on tribal workforce development as the guide for the nation/organization’s development of its plan (March-May 2019)

  Ongoing technical assistance to support the nation/organization’s implementation of its newly developed plan following the on-site strategic plan development session (May 2019-October 2020)

The Initiative: The Applicant’s Commitment

To be eligible for selection, applicants must commit to the following:

• Pass a formal resolution pledging the nation/organization’s support of the application and, if selected, the entire strategic planning process from design to implementation

• Designate tribal/organizational staff members (“tribal team”) to serve as primary collaborators and points of contact with NCAI staff/consultants for duration of partnership (Spring 2019 – Fall 2020)

• Make tribal/organizational leaders and key staff available for teleconferences with NCAI staff/consultants prior to the on-site strategic plan development session for the purposes of producing the pre-assessment

• Designate tribal team to work with NCAI staff/consultants to lead logistical planning of on-site session 

• Commit tribal/organizational leaders and key staff to attend (and fully participate in) both days of on-site session

• Designate tribal team to work with NCAI staff/consultants to produce written report documenting the nation’s strategic plan immediately following the on-site session

• Commit the nation/organization and its designated leadership and staff to carry out the key short-term (May-July 2019) and medium-term action steps (August 2019-October 2020) contained in the nation’s strategic plan

Make tribal team available to NCAI staff/consultants for bi-monthly check-in calls to monitor progress, discuss obstacles following on-site session 

Submit summary report to NCAI at end of partnership (October 2020) documenting action steps achieved, obstacles encounted and overcome, lessons learned, and next steps for the nation/organization's onging implementation of its workforce development strategic plan 

Who is Eligible to Apply:

(1) Tribal governments

(2) Tribal coalitions that must include tribal governments and can feature other entities (tribal economic development corporations, tribal colleges, Native community development financial institutions, etc.) engaged in workforce development efforts with those government

(3) Native non-profit organizations

When/How to Apply:

Those eligible should complete the application form by Friday, February 8, 2019. NCAI will notify applicants whether or not they have been selected by no later than Friday, February 22, 2019.

This initiative is made possible by support from the Northwest Area Foundation.

NCAI Contact: Ian Record, Partnership for Tribal Governance