Our Natural Resources

Natural resources have been central to the cultures and economies of Indian tribes for thousands of years, providing foods, medicines, and materials to sustain their lifeways. The ability of tribes to manage and access these resources will depend upon the capacity of tribal leadership to influence the laws, regulations, and policies that drive today's economic and political decisions. NCAI is a member of a broad coalition of tribes and tribal organizations that has recognized the critical importance of developing a cohesive, unifying strategy to address tribal natural resource issues and bring them to the forefront at the federal government level and in Indian Country.

The goal of Our Natural Resources (ONR) is to advance a national tribal natural resource strategy for Indian Country that will bring a coordinated, unified, sustainable, and effective focus that will lead to positive change in policy and practice. ONR partners have worked to bring this effort to this stage and remain actively engaged in outreach, advocacy and policy development, research, communications, and education to create an overarching framework to guide advancement of the national strategy and facilitate collaboration and coordination. The ultimate beneficiaries of this work are the natural resources, tribal governments, and Native communities, from elders to youth.

For more information, visit the ONR website.