Get Involved

Protecting and enhancing tribal sovereignty depends on a joint effort between tribal nations and non-tribal allies and advocates. NCAI envisions an America where tribal leaders stand alongside non-Native college students, and where Native youth stand with civil rights leaders, to take large and small steps to advocate for a brighter future for Indian Country and our entire nation. Whether it is contacting US government leadership to raise awareness on key issues, educating yourself or others on Native histories, traditions or cultures, working within Indian Country, or lending your support to an organization that represents tribes at the local, state, or national level, Indian Country values every effort and action. Even seemingly small efforts can have a tremendous impact.

One of the first steps to effective advocacy is to get informed—NCAI has educated the general public about Indian Country since 1944. Receive NCAI Updates to get informed or join NCAI as a member to gain access to more important advocacy tools, resources, and information.

How to Get Involved

We honor our advocates and allies that are working to protect and enhance the rights of tribal nations. Get involved by helping advocate for Indian Country in the following ways: 

  • Follow NCAI’s updates to stay updated on hot issues affecting tribal communities.
  • Become a member of NCAI or attend NCAI’s events or conferences- Join the ongoing conversations on how to best support the advancement of Indian Country.
  • Contact your Congressional Representative or Senator to support Indian Country on key legislation (visit the Advocating for Indian Country section for tips on contacting Congress)