NCAI Governance

NCAI at Work

NCAI represents a diverse network of tribal nations, tribal citizens, and Native organizations. As a member-based representative Congress, NCAI is governed by voting members who determine NCAI’s consensus positions expressed in resolutions, which are developed in committees and sub-committees and then voted on at national conventions. NCAI members also elect the organization’s Executive Committee - the NCAI President, 1st Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer. These are elected by the entire membership. The 12 Regional Vice Presidents are elected by their respective regions. All board members serve for two-year terms. The current President of NCAI is Fawn Sharp (Quinalt Indian Nation).

NCAI Constitution, By-Laws, and Standing Rules of Order

The NCAI Constitution, By-Laws, and Standing Rules of Order are the governing rules for the National Congress of American Indians. Read the full text of the document.