Assessment: Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendations 

• Comprehensively assess your programs and what kinds of data they collect, about and for whom, and for what reasons. Determine how useful this data is for informing your nation-building efforts.

• Dedicate permanent funding for staff and operations to drive the nation’s data efforts.

• Build a centralized data system that collates data/shares results among all service components of tribal government/enterprises to create a clear picture of the needs of/services provided to citizens.

• Institute a regular tribal census that gauges your citizens’ current workforce readiness and what education/skills they need to obtain to contribute to the nation’s building of a prosperous future.

• Develop a picture of the current and projected tribal/local labor market – and a process for updating it. Engage tribal/local employers to gather data about their long-range labor needs.

• Driving data poses a resource challenge, but more and more tribal nations have developed creative solutions to learn what they need with limited dollars. Build partnerships with area TCUs — and other nations if possible — to help with data design, collection, and analysis as well as defray the costs.