Citizen Engagement: Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendations

• Implement multi-pronged marketing campaigns to inform tribal citizens about new and revamped workforce development initiatives, how they work, and how they will benefit them and the nation.

• Hold regular open public hearings, citizen focus groups, and program participant advisory groups to learn how effective your workforce development efforts are, and how they could be improved.

• Use “captive audience” opportunities to obtain key input and information from citizens (mandatory questionnaires when they update their tribal enrollment, booths at community events, etc.).

• Conduct routine “program enhancement” surveys of program participants and community members and incentivize them to participate by providing modest rewards (gas vouchers, gift cards, etc.).

• Develop a formal social media policy (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that enables tribal departments and programs to share key program messages/updates and job openings with tribal citizens in real time.

• Deploy concrete strategies to document and share the stories of successful workforce development program participants as professional role models that other tribal citizens can and should emulate.