2019 Winter Session


Number Resolution Sponsor Action
ECWS-19-001 Support for Advance Appropriations for Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service Jefferson Passed
ECWS-19-002 Affirm and Protect Tribal Sovereign Immunity, Encourage the Establishment of Tribal Government Risk Management Pools and Dispute and Claims Resolution Processes Mark Van Norman Referred to next board meeting
ECWS-19-003 Calling on the Secretaries of Commerce and the Interior to Conduct Meaningful Government-to-Government Consultation with Tribes Regarding the Proposed Endangered Species Act Rule Changes ATNI Passed
ECWS-19-004 Opposition of the Walker River Paiute Tribe's Environmental Impact Study on the Fallon Naval Air Station Expansion Walker River Paiute Passed
ECWS-19-005 Urging Congress to Pass a Long-term Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act that Includes Key Protections for Native Women Juana Majel Passed
ECWS-19-006 Include Tribes as Eligible Recipients for Funding under the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act  Justin Parker Referred to next board meeting